PA Computer Fair

Students from Boys' Latin have an opportunity to submit projects to the Philadelphia Region competition of the PA Computer Fair. The fair will be held at the School District of Philadelphia's Education Center (440 N Broad St) on Friday, March 30.

As part of the competition, students strengthen computer skills and create projects that compete with projects from other schools. First place projects have an opportunity to compete in a state fair.

Each school can only send one project (created by up to 3 team members) per category to the fair. There are six project categories. 
  1. Animation
  2. Computer Fair Logo
  3. Digital Movie
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Programming
  6. Web Page Design
Interested students should review project rules and submit projects and supporting paperwork to Mr. Hasty or Mr. Smith by Friday, March 2.

Students will be notified on Monday, March 5, if they were selected to represent Boys' Latin at the regional competition.

Important Dates
  • February 1-29 -- Select a project and begin creating a draft for competition
  • March 2 -- Submit project draft and paperwork to Mr. Hasty or Mr. Smith
  • March 5 -- Students will be notified of their selection to represent Boys' Latin
  • March 30 -- Philadelphia Region competition

Multimedia Resources
The Pennsylvania Computer Fair, although educational, removes the student work from the classroom and therefore requires the student to get permission from the owner to use any copyrighted music, video, graphics etc. Fair use does NOT apply. Remember to credit music or items that were created by yourself or friends as well.