Mission and Core Beliefs

"...Education is the path to justice, justice for every man, woman and child. 
Education is the path to power, the power to change the world..." 
--from Boys' Latin student pledge

The primary goal of the science department at Boys' Latin is to nurture a generation of citizens capable of, confident about, and committed to making contributions to the world around them. To meet this goal, Boys’ Latin teachers partner with students, families, and members of the scientific community to create learning opportunities that are riveting, relevant, and rigorous.

Six core beliefs inform our curriculum:
  1. Inquiry into the natural world forms the foundation of science; our classrooms should be grounded in observation, exploration, and experimentation – not just the terms and abstractions that often constitute traditional science curricula.
  2. Data is ubiquitous and is the language of science; students should learn to collect, organize, and analyze data to make sense of the world around them and advance logical arguments. 
  3. Writing is a central component of teaching and learning science and of the scientific endeavor; students should learn to read, write, and communicate like scientists and critical thinkers using traditional and emerging technologies.
  4. Creativity resides in all children; our classrooms must be spaces for each student to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways, strengthen a sense of self, and offer solutions to global challenges framed as problem-based learning activities. 
  5. Collaboration drives and defines our globalized world; students should use technology to facilitate communication, engage with science as it affects society, and learn directly from professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math. 
  6. The world beyond the classroom is connected; our courses should reflect the connectedness of the natural world and all science disciplines, engage with the organizing principles scientists use to make sense of the natural world, and tap into community resources and the lived experiences of students and families.

Boys' Latin Core Values
In addition to our department's science-specific core beliefs, a set of five core values, derived from the school's student pledge, inform and inspire our actions.

Curiosity (Curiositas)
Asking questions is at the heart of science and the foundation of learning. We will pursue learning for its own sake and not for the reward of a grade or prize. We will strive to apply knowledge and skills to new settings and situations.

Compassion (Misericordia)
True learning can only occur in an environment that is nurturing and accepting of individual differences and experiences. We will celebrate uniqueness and will only employ language and actions that are grounded in respect. We will each take responsibly for maintaining a welcoming environment.

Perseverance (Constantia)
It does not take special ability to learn but learning does often require hard work and persistence. With only a limited number of school days, we will be present each day so that we can make the most progress.

Integrity (Integritas)
A man is whole when he is honest with himself and others. We will put forth a total effort in and out of class each day and follow school and community codes of conduct regarding behavior and academic honesty.

Courage (Virtus)
Living by the four aforementioned values often requires the courage to lead by example and to stand up for what is right when others are not. We will take risks and view mistakes as learning opportunities.