Independent Science Investigations

All students in Biology and Chemistry I are required to design and conduct an independent science investigation. The preliminary findings of each student’s independent science investigation will be presented at the Science Symposium on Wednesday, December 18, 2013. Many students will refine their projects throughout the spring and present their work at local and regional science fairs.

An independent science investigation allows students to:
  1. develop a deeper understanding of the scientific inquiry process 
  2. explore problems and problem-solving strategies 
  3. reinforce math skills by collecting, analyzing, and representing data 
  4. strengthen reading and writing skills by completing a research paper 
  5. improve time management and organizational skills 

Final Project Format 
All students will submit a (1) formal research report and (2) slideshow presentation. Additionally, students may create a poster to share at the Science Symposium. Each student will work on the project in parts—not all at one time. Each portion of the project has a separate due date and grade. (See next page.) Research and data collection will be completed outside of class. However, students will receive instruction about scientific methods in class. If a student completes each part of the project according to the deadlines, he will simply piece together the parts to create a final project.

Science Symposium
The findings of each student’s independent science investigation will be presented at a Science Symposium on Wednesday, December 18, 2013. Participation in the Science Symposium will provide students with the opportunity to share research with peers and community members. Families and community members are invited to attend to learn about students’ research projects.

Local and Regional Science Fairs
Students may also choose to present their research at local and regional fairs:

Participation in the science fairs is optional. Students may earn scholarships and awards for their projects. Students must register by December and should contact Mr. Smith.

Family Workshops
Family members along with students are invited to attend a workshop to learn tips for completing the projects. Two workshop sessions will be held in the Boys’ Latin computer lab on Tuesday, September 24 (from 4:30 to 5:30pm) and on Wednesday, September 25 (from 5:00 to 6:00pm). RSVP today.

Components of the Research Report (Sample Report)
  1. Abstract -- due December 9
  2. Introduction
    1. Question -- due September 23
    2. PurposeVariables, and Hypothesis -- due September 30
    3. Background Research and Bibliography (5 sources) -- due October 15
  3. Methods and Procedure -- due October 28
  4. Results and Discussion (with tables and graphs)-- due November 15 (draft) and December 2 (final)
  5. ConclusionAcknowledgements, and Future Considerations -- due December 9
  6. Final draft -- due December 16

ISI Research Paper Template

ISI Presentation Template

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