PJAS Region 1C Fair

Student participants in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science program are encouraged to follow the scientific method to select a project, research the background, formulate a hypothesis, develop an experiment to prove or disprove the hypothesis, and to collect and analyze data from their experiment. The students then prepare a written report and give an oral presentation with audio visuals to a panel of judges and a room of peers. Group projects are not permitted.

Key Dates

December 2013
Registration Forms Due

February 2014
Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Region 1C Fair, Bensalem High School

May 2014
Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science State Fair, Pennsylvania State University

Quick Facts
  • The regional fair is held on a Saturday at Bensalem High School 
  • The state fair takes place over three days; students stay in dorms, ride a bus sponsored by region 
  • Students present their research using transparencies in front of an audience and judges
  • Presentations may not be longer than 10 minutes.
  • Judges may question the presenter for 5 minutes.
  • Students are judged against a standard not in competition with peers 
  • Any student who earns a superior score is automatically eligible to attend the state fair 
  • There is no limit to the number of students who may attend this fair

Scoring Categories

Scientific Thought
  Meaningful problems
  Problem clearly stated
  Problem limited
  Valid experiment to answer problem
  Student understands background information

Experimental Methods 

  Suitable design
  Procedures explained
  Tried to control variables
  Did experiment more than once
  Used SI (metric) measures 

Analytical Approach

  Data related to problem
  Data explained clearly
  Graphs or tables used
  Recognizes weaknesses and limits of experiment
  Suggests further research


  Not read, good eye contact
  Well organized
  Clear visuals
  Identifies problem, method, data, and conclusion
  Understands vocabulary and science procedures used

Judges Opinion

  Appropriate for age level
  Appropriate for experience in presenting
  Enthusiasm for project
  Overall positive feeling