To increase opportunities for learning at our school and to honor President Obama’s call for improved science education, students and teachers at Boys' Latin have established a guest speaker series in science.

As part of the program, a special guest speaker shares an engaging talk on a science issue or topic in 12-15 minutes. The speaker is an innovator in his or her field and exudes a passion for science, learning, and solving problems. The Science Speaker Series is inspired by traditional guest lectures that occur at universities throughout the world and the high-energy TED talks popularized in recent years.

At Boys’ Latin, an audience students will listen to the speaker and then ask questions for 25-30 minutes. The students will be a dedicated and inquisitive cohort and will complete pre-readings to prepare for the talk.

September 20, 2013
Alyssa Perry
Resident, Orthotics and Prosthetics
Boston Children's Hospital
Topic: Building prosthetics for children

October 31, 2013
Matt Feldman
Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild
Topic: Bees and honey

November 20, 2013
Hannah Waters
Web Producer, Writer, and Editor
Ocean Portal, Smithsonian Institute
Topic: Science blogging, writing for the public

December 3, 2013
Annette Lista and Daphne Torre
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
University of the Sciences
Topic: Pharmacy, student-driven research

December 3, 2013
Dr. Rebecca Ashare
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Nicotine Addiction

School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Topic: Research on drugs to help individuals quit smoking

December 10, 2013
Laura Houston
Director of Conservation Engagement, Philadelphia Zoo
Topic: Palm oil, Tigers, and habitats

January 29, 2014
Dr. Catherine Bentzley &
Undergraduate Chemistry Students
Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of the Sciences
Topic: Success in college, states of matter

February 18, 2014
Rachel Atcheson
Philadelphia Director, The Humane League
Topic: Sustainability

September 18, 2012
Dr. Derrick Pitts
Chief Astronomer, The Franklin Institute
2012 NASA Solar System Ambassador

Topic: Space and the Mars Curiosity Rover

October 5, 2012
Dr. Roy Wade
Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Topic: Health and wellness

October 11, 2012
Jasmine Hampton-Nicholson
Cardiac Surgical Technician
Topic: Medicine and health

November 15, 2012
Dr. Keith Earle
Head, North America, Nonclinical Safety Assessment
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Topic: Veterinary medicine

December 3, 2012
Panel convened by the African American Chamber of Commerce of PA, DE, and NJ
"Fostering a bright future in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Half-Day Conference"
Geoffrey Kent
Cognis IT
Lorne Hammond
Sam Patterson
PK Financial Group, LLC
Tonya Harris
MACC’s Health Services LLC
Topic: STEM Careers

January 2013
Dr. Steven Flashner
Physician, Central Bucks Urology
Topic: Sexually transmitted infections

February 2013
Alexis Brown
President, National Society of Black Engineers, University of Pennsylvania
Topic: Using nanoparticles to treat cancer

February 2013
Part of group of guests convened for Boys' Latin Career Day
Greg Burns
Vice President and Chief Estimator, MidAtlantic Construction 
Dexter Cooke
Engineer, Boeing 
Mjumbe Poe
Software Engineer, OpenPlans
Tariq Ross
Engineer, PMH Associates
Dr. William Singleton
Veterinarian, Animal Care Training Services

March 2013
Part of panel convened by The Franklin Institute for Color of Science event
Barrington Irving
Pilot, Experience Aviation
First African American to fly around the globe
Topic: flight, building a plane

September 30, 2011
Dr. Fredric Bertley
Vice President, Science and Innovation, Franklin Institute
Topic: Scientific solutions to global challenges, 
HIV/AIDS research

October 13, 2011
Dr. Chad Womack
Founding President and Chair, TBED21
Topic: Viruses as contagions: 
How does the body deal with them?

November 17, 2011
Alfie Hanssen
Founder, Tembo Studios
Topic: Computer graphics, game and app development

December 8, 2011
Pierre Bouzi and Sabbir Liakat
Graduate students, Princeton University
Topic: Quantum cascade lasers and infrared light

January 17, 2012
Dr. William Singleton
President, Animal Care Training Services
Topic: Veterinary medicine and laboratory animal care

January 26, 2012
Dr. Howard Stone
Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Princeton University
Topic: Fluid mechanics

February 23, 2012
Dr. David Roth
Chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Topic: Diagnosing illness in individuals

March 15, 2012
Paul Ayayee
Graduate Student, Department of Entomology, 
Pennsylvania State University
Member, International Association of Black Entomologists
Topic: Insects and science research

April 24, 2012
Franklin Medal Laureates
The Franklin Institute
Topics: Nanochemistry, computers, ice cores and climate change, genetics and diversity of life, black holes, telescopes, engineering

May 7, 2012
Aleya, Adam, Boris, & Kelly
The Cube Odyssey, Cubify
Topic: 3D printing, engineering, manufacturing

May 18, 2012
Charles Britt
Founder and Board Chairman,
Center for Minority Achievement in Science and Technology
Topics: Cybersecurity, data protection, computer hacking, national security

May 24, 2012
Marcy Engelman

Mütter Museum Educator,
College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Topics: Forensicscience, identifying human remains